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Seoul, South Korea

The National Library of Korea was founded in 1945 and has been in its current location since 1988. The main building consists of seven floors and a basement level, and two smaller buildings are attached. In order to keep up with the institution’s rapid growth, large volume of visitors and long hours of operations, it is important that they efficiently handle the wastewater produced within the building on a daily basis.

In total, five Zoeller package systems handle the wastewater and effluent discharged from the library and the book café. Four sewage package systems from Zoeller are maintained throughout the library to pump all wastewater from the building’s restrooms to the city sewer system. In addition, since discharge piping was not present in the foundation of the building where they built the library’s book café, a drain pump was installed to gather and discharge all waste from the sinks to the external systems.

Model Description
K295 Sewage package system
BK266 Sewage package system
BK53 Drain pump system
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