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Taipei, Taiwan

It is likely in this type of location that gasoline may drip onto the ground around the filling stations and would then be washed into the pump pits by rainfall. This can create a hazardous environment, which requires a hazardous duty pump to remove water from the building’s foundation. Three of Zoeller’s hazardous duty, submersible effluent pumps were installed at a gas station in Taipei in order to collect and pump rainwater to the city’s sewer system. As the only hazardous duty pumps of this type on the market, pumps of this model are fully automatic with a copper float, meaning they require no control panel and keep maintenance and system costs to a minimum. The pumps provide the gas station owner with the peace of mind that comes with every Zoeller product.

Model Description Units
DX161 Hazardous duty, automatic effluent pump 3
Cpc Gas